Organisational Change

In the modern economy, it is vital that businesses across the farming and agricultural sector adapt to the changing environment, and are ready and able to react to challenges and opportunities. We can help your business identify what great looks like and work with your team towards this. 

People Management & Wellbeing

Successful organisations are driven by motivated and empowered people. We look at all levels of your organisation to understand your team dynamics, what is working well and what is not and the essential elements of change.

Opportunities in Agriculture

Richard has spent a decade as a leading figure in UK agriculture. We
can help you open new opportunities across food and agriculture, and make meaningful strides with key players in the industry.

Speaking & Chairing

Richard is an experienced and confident keynote speaker and conference chair, bringing his unique insight and depth of experience on a range of subjects.

Industries and Expertise

  • Farming & Agriculture

  • IT & Communications

  • Not For Profit

  • Business Change

  • Human Resources

  • Leadership Best Practice

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Growing member/customer engagement

Why us?

What are the benefits of working with Manor Drive?

We bring our years of experience leading, growing and transforming organisations to your business. We know there is no one size fits all approach. Through identifying your key challenges and opportunities, we can help you meet your objectives; whether they are to save costs and improve profitability, streamline your decision making processes, improve your staff resilience and responsiveness to challenges.

Find out below how we have put these principles into action.

~ Case Study ~
Making a Difference at Fram Farmers

Transform a leading agricultural cooperative. For Fram Farmers to be recognised by its membership, staff and key stakeholders as the most progressive, innovative and best cooperative in its sector. To be renowned for delivering great value to its members and embodying the ethos of a truly member owned cooperative.


Empowering and motivating the team at all levels of the business by introducing and investing in personal development plans and structured career progressions.


Tailored training plans informed by the key challenges in each individual's role and their own aspirations.


An increase in membership commitment from £135m to over £210m


Staff turnover was brought down to single figures


Average annual staff survey results exceeded 8 out of 10 for three consecutive years.

Key Learnings

A team that knows that their CEO really cares about them and priorities investing in them will proactively introduce new initiatives and go the extra mile.

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